stolen passport stolen phone

my phone and my passport were both stolen.

i have no phone. I will be writing home on here. Family and friends and future friends please write me an email at and please include your address so I can send something

I will also upload my film photos from Western Australia here.

I was sleeping in the van. around 3am I woke up to flashlights and a really subtle tapping noise.

Naked, I flung myself into the air slamming my fist on the window. I yelled, but as it left my lungs it really felt more like some high pitched primal squeak. Strange noise, never heard anything like it. From where I was located, I couldn’t reach the door in time to give chase. I spent the next three hours with my headlamp like a helicopter spotlight. I spun around counting every belonging before I fell asleep in the orange morning sun. More later i guess.